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Kitchen Countertops

Full edge to edge seamless durable surface that resembles natural stone in any color or pattern of your choice. 

Why Choose Epoxy?

Unlike the big box stores, with epoxy, the possibilities are endless.  You can have any natural stone pattern for all the same low price.  You can have long spans of counter that are completely seamless.  You can remodel a portion of the kitchen and a year later, add more counter and match up the same pattern as the rest of your epoxy kitchen.  And all with a surface that is durable, heat resistant, and scratch resistant.  You can have this, and at a price that is often less than the price of custom laminate counters.

Marble Kitchen.jpg

I'm interested.  What's the next step?

Great question!  All of our epoxy kitchen countertops are custom made to meet the needs of our customers that's why we like to schedule an appointment to meet with us.  We'll arrive in our "mobile showroom" and review different samples of what's possible.  This give us the chance to get a good idea of what you need and tailor a solution perfect for you! 

Please note, our mobile showroom is only available within the greater Las Vegas, Nevada area.  If you are not located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Henderson, North Las Vegas, or surrounding areas, we provide products and instructions to enable you to recreate the same look yourself.  Please browse our products, video tutorials and how-to articles to get started.

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"I like that they can create whatever stone you want, so I asked them to create a natural stone that looks like a galaxy, and add a rockface edge along the outside edge.  If you saw the kitchen before, it was a mismatched, ugly laminate.  Now, it's just beautiful."

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