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Art Classes

Want to get into art, but feel lost?  It's never too late to start learning.

Everyone Can Learn

Learn in a relaxed classroom environment at your own pace.  Get an individualized review, without grades.  No prior art experience needed.

I approach my classes as a self-discovery process.  This allows you to develop your own unique art style instead of trying to just "fit the mold", and see what you have and are able to progress with, and utilize skills as a connected whole, instead of just drilling assignments on individual things.

Whether your goal is that of starting on the path and wanting to eventually turn pro, or just as a hobby you want to express yourself, art is for everyone.

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Available Classes

Sketching Startup Bootcamp

This class is for anyone who feels like they have no idea where to get started.

You will learn basic shapes, how to start seeing things around you from an artist's view, and getting over fear of sketching and perfectionism.

If you want to go from having 0 knowledge of the arts to bring able to convey what's in your mind, then this is for you.

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Color, Light and Composition

Do you feel like you have some pretty good sketches, but get stressed when it's time to add color?

Feel like when you paint, the color isn't coming out quite right?

Maybe you wonder why certain art draws you back in again and again, and feel like you want a bit more of that in your art.

Here we focus on 

.How geometry affects and can help composition
.How to create a color palette you can be confident using, instead of being overwhelmed and confused.
.How to use lighting to work with you, and be your friend. Not work against you.

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Storytelling in Art

Maybe you feel like you have some pretty great ideas, but you aren't really sure where to go with it, or how to make it all come together.

Maybe there's a story or a world you want to share with everyone, but you never really finished working on it, and you don't know how to explain it to others?

We go over:

.How to gain inspiration from everything around you
.How to merge ideas into a cohesive whole, not disjointed mess
.How to build a story world that feels real, and how to start interacting with it to grow it further.


I'm interested.  What's the next step?

Great question!  Submit the form below to indicate your preferred time and days.  I will get back to you within 2-4 business days about open spots in your chosen class that is closest to your time preferences.  We can also have a consultation about the classes and answer any questions, if preferred. 

We have a variety of Payment Plans, for your Convenience:

Weekly   -   $50

Monthly   - $160

6 months - $850

Please note, our classes are only available within the greater Las Vegas, Nevada area at the moment.  

Schedule Your Art Class

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"Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up"

                                               - Pablo Picasso

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